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Custom Fit & Tuned Solutions

You are an individual with your own specific needs. Just like vision, if you don’t have the correct prescription, you will not succeed like you should. In fact, if you used someone else’s eyeglasses, you’d experience blurred vision – they’re not your prescription. It’s the same with someone who buys a hearing aid or a generic amplifier; the sound quality will appear as blurred or uncomfortable.

At Heartland Hearing we perform your diagnostics, together selecting the Manufacturer and Technology that is best for you. Then take the time to adjust and program your specific settings, while considering your lifestyle needs. As you improve, we will continue to validate your level of understanding speech throughout this journey. Periodically teaching you all the features available to you including streaming your phone, TV, and other options to maximize your benefits and experience.

As you continue through your journey of improved hearing, your follow-up care is able to identify any changes that may occur and your hearing professional can correct the programming to your individual needs.

Hearing Exams

Hearing Tests are available at any of our convenient locations

Whether you’ve never had a hearing test before or you already have a set of hearing aids, hearing exams are an important part of your health. At Heartland Hearing Centers we value your health and want to ensure that you continue to have the best hearing possible. Come into any of our many locations or call/text to schedule your hearing exam today.
hearing test

Hearing Tests

At each hearing test, we perform a visual inspection of your ear to ensure that no visible problems exist that could be affecting your hearing. We then run a series of auditory tests that include:

  • Pure Tone Air Test: This test is a well-known test used to measure how well you can hear tones of different volumes and frequencies.
  • Bone Conduction: Using the Mastoid area, we present frequencies to the inner ear and compare these with the Pure Tone Air test. This can tell us if there is a problem of getting the sound to the Inner Ear or if it’s a problem of the Inner Ear’s ability to send the signals to the Brain.
  • Speech Test: During a speech test, you will listen to words or sentences played at different volume levels and then repeat what you hear. This reveals how well the brain responds to the signals it receives and what level of speech understanding you have. Many times, we can improve your ability to understand speech through rehabilitation protocols helping you recover as much of your hearing as possible.

Depending on the level of your hearing loss, we will discuss with you your results and talk about your treatment options, if you need them. Our goal is to provide evidence-based care related to your hearing loss. As a full-service hearing center, we provide many options for hearing loss. Our on-site hearing instrument specialist can help you choose the perfect hearing instrument for your needs and budget.


Baseline Hearing Test

Even if you don’t think you have a hearing loss, it’s important to get a Baseline Hearing test. This provides medical evidence to establish your current hearing health. In the event of unforeseen hearing loss, you can use this as proof that the experienced event caused hearing loss. Without these, attorneys could claim you had a preexisting hearing loss, and you would be stuck with the burden of proof.

This is a common unexpected problem many encounter in their lifetime. Hearing loss can be caused by an accident, illness, certain treatments like Intravenous Antibiotics or Chemotherapy. Sudden unexpected hearing loss can become a heavy burden. By proactively protecting yourself, you provide the best defense to life’s unexpected turns, especially when your health is involved.

We perform these as a free service, so you can be up-to-date on your hearing health and complete your yearly preventative medical screens.

Qualified Professionals

If you think you may need a hearing test, give us a call. We have provided high-quality hearing services since 1989 and are happy to help you determine your hearing level. We offer the first visit and hearing exam at no charge.

For any hearing service you may need come to Heartland Hearing Centers we look forward to helping you in your journey toward hearing health.
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