Health Events

Heartland Health Events

Heartland Health Events Inc. is a Missouri Non Profit Corporation with the goal of bringing better health awareness and improvement to people’s lives through providing Health Fairs, Health Events, Speaking Engagements, and teaching seminars making people aware of how to avoid medical tragedies and live healthy lives.

Our primary source is to connect with groups such as State and Federal Employers, Unions, Benevolent Organizations, Corporations, and Fraternal Groups, bringing Health Fairs to them at the place of employment, meeting halls, and community events. For each event we recruit local providers and health care practitioners working with Health Committees and others designated within their hosting organization’s to participate in each event.

Each provider and healthcare practitioner will be able to provide screenings, information, and opportunities for follow up for those who are screened “at risk” or have a desire to get more information and improve their quality of life.

Local practitioners are the KEY. A health fair is OK but unless there is a connection, relationship established, and easy access for follow up, little benefit comes out of it. The burden of follow up falls to the provider who has the motivation and skill to help the individual that has expressed a need.

Heartland Health Events Inc. does not charge for the Health Fairs and Events. We are supported through donations, and participating providers at events.

Guaranteed Screeings at each event, both large and small. Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Oxygen Levels, Vision, and Hearing.

Small Events usually have 10+ Stations
Medium Events usually have 20 to 25 Stations
Larger Events usually have up to 60 Stations

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