Heartland Hearing Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some of the Side Effects of Hearing Loss?

1.) Hearing loss can take many forms and cause many social and physical problems if left untreated.

2.) The ear and the brain are directly linked, the ear being the organ that converts sound into electrical signals and sends them to the brain. When the ear cannot send the correct signal to the brain, the brain can only process what it receives.

This can result in both short and long term problems:

  • Misunderstanding words
  • Inability to understand speech
  • Frustration for friends and family
  • Withdrawal from family and or other people
  • If left untreated, Hearing Loss can cause the brain’s ability to recover, to interpret speech
  • Increased risk of Alzehimers and other Dementias
  • Psychological and other issues

3.) As in most medical problems, time is of the essence to reduce or intercept the severity of hearing loss and related issues.

4.) Hearing Loss, unlike Vision loss, affects everyone in the individual’s world almost as much as it does themselves.

5.) Get a Baseline Hearing Exam so you have a record of where your are and can compare future exams to your Baseline to be able to manage your hearing and not get caught when it’s too late.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Questions do you Ask in a Hearing Exam?

1.) The basic medical questions all medical professionals request due to mandates from Medicare and other entities.

2.) In addition, related to hearing specially:

  • Your perception of how well you hear
  • What types of noise and environments give you the most problem with understanding speech
  • Do you have ringing or noises in your ears
  • How long have you noticed some challenges to understanding speech, in certain environments
  • How is your memory?

What Insurances Do you Accept?

We accept most Insurances.

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